About Us


About Our Founder

budi was established in 2020 by a Canadian entrepreneur named Kyle Reid. Kyle has a deep connection to music, and is passionate about the quality and importance of audio.

Like you, Kyle's listening preferences vary through the days, months and years. Whether  boosting energy at the gym, trying to unwind on a walk through nature, learning new things through audiobooks, or just trying to get through the work day with a podcast or two there is one constant; headphones.

For over a decade headphones have played such a major role in Kyle's life, and for many of those years he hadn't realized it. He used them to get through the bad days, and to make the good days that much better. 

Kyle worked mostly blue collar jobs from a young age, primarily landscaping and construction. He took pride in his work, but it was always a grind as it is for so many people. There were many long days under the sun... it wasn't great. He knew he had to find ways to get through the day. But as the years went on technology became more accepted in society and in the workplace. Suddenly, It wasn't uncommon for people to listen to their headphones at work, and he found what had been missing all along. The music that had accompanied him so many times through life's ups and downs became available in the grind of day to day work life. The days began to fly by.

He would occasionally forget his headphones at home only to be reminded just how important they were. Those days would get much slower, and tougher to find motivation. He thought of other times he had taken music for granted, and wanted to show his appreciation. 

He started to notice other people on the street with their headphones in on a daily basis and tried to imagine what their story was, who they were or what they were going through at that moment. Maybe it was the best day of their life, maybe it was the worst. Whatever it was, the headphones were getting them through.

We never forget our headphones at home anymore.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create versatile minimalist headphones. Music is important, and you should be able to listen anywhere. We employ a direct-to-consumer strategy that eliminates the markup that you're used to seeing from the leading retailers, while sacrificing none of the quality. We want to make sure everyone can take their music with them.

Our Vision

"I wanted to build a brand that emphasized the therapeutic gift of music. I wanted to help people embrace the relationship they've built with their favorite artists the way I have. I want to share my appreciation for art with people who feel as fortunate to live in a time where an endless supply is available at the click of a button. I want to provide the best quality sound available so you can appreciate it just a little extra."

- Kyle Reid 

We believe there is nothing like hearing the right song at the perfect moment. There is something special we all feel when we finally get a chance to turn a friend or family member on to a band or song that means a lot to us. It feels like you've shared a gift with them, and that's because you have. Music bonds people, and that is what we are all about.

At budi, our vision is to make sure we always:

Make Music There For You.